Hisashiburi = “It’s been a long time” in Japanese. This summer has simply flown by. It barely feels like the 2015 Spring season has finished and here I am only … Read More

Maruhiro Koi Farm – Fry


It was only three days ago that I posted about Maruhiro Koi Farm moving his eggs into their holding nets ready for hatching (see story here), well now they’ve hatched. Below … Read More

Yamasan Senbetsu


This is a very busy time of year for all koi breeders in Niigata.  They are either preparing their mud ponds, breeding koi all through the night, looking after their … Read More

When The Sumi Develops…..

Marujyu Showa 2013 - 2014

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the koi game, be it business or hobby, there will always be questions you want to ask. Sometimes you don’t ask them … Read More

Eggs at Maruhiro Koi Farm


Spawning season at Maruhiro Koi Farm is now in full swing.  The eggs in these pictures were spawned a couple of days ago and have been in medication.  Today it … Read More

Kaneko, Suzuki, Aoki, Coffee, Tea


It’s not been particularly busy out here the last couple of days, just popping in and out of breeders and testing their coffee machines are still working.  Aoki was busy … Read More

Yamakoshi Sunrise

Red Sky Pond 3 Copyright

Going for a drive into the mountains at 03.50am was never my plan when I went to bed around midnight, but jetlag doesn’t listen to plans anyway. But thanks to … Read More

Sekiguchi Koi Farm

B94A1532 copy

It might be a long drive to Sekiguchi Koi Farm when compared to the breeders of Yamakoshi, Ojiya, Nagaoka and Kawaguchi which are right on my doorstep.  But in reality … Read More

Busy at Marujyu Koi Farm

B94A1509 copy

Following my short break in the UK, I’m now back in Japan to begin the final stint of the season.  Today was my first day back in action and was … Read More